Boyd Parker promotes Importance of Motivational Speaking

Following Boyd Parker’s speaking engagement at the London Summit two weeks ago and at the Leadership conference in Manchester last month, the serial entrepreneur speaks of the joys he gains from speaking at such prestigious industry events and promotes the impact motivational speeches can have on new entrepreneurs.

The weekend of 4th-5th February saw Boyd Parker travel to London to attend a two day Business Growth Summit as keynote speaker. The event was held at the Kimpton Fritz Hotel in Bloomsbury. The continued success and growth of entrepreneur Boyd Parker made him an important figure at the event.

Boyd Parker spoke on both days of the event; the first topic covered ‘Early onboarding processes to drive your Business’ and the second topic covered ‘Executing growth plans during 2022’.  Boyd Parker has hosted and attended numerous business conferences and meetings during his long lasting career and has extensive experience of processes and strategies that result in successful businesses, not only in the UK but also worldwide.

Fellow motivational speaker Eric Thomas is a huge inspiration to Boyd Parker and helps to highlight the importance of these speaking engagements and the impact they have on the future generation of business men and women. 

Boyd Parker enjoys speaking at these events due to his extensive experience in entrepreneurship and being a mentor for aspiring entrepreneurs; having a positive impact to help them achieve success, gain new innovative ideas and boost confidence.

Boyd Parker urges more industry professionals to come forward and share their knowledge and experiences with new entrepreneurs because of what they can learn from successful business professionals. Parker’s peers speak highly of his training methods and all feel they have learned the necessary business skills needed to run and grow a successful business when listening to him talk.

To book Boyd Parker to speak at your event, please contact his PR team direct

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