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Why do you pay out so much money for your children to do sports?

“One of my friends asked “Why do you pay so much money for your children to do all their sports”? Well I have a confession to make; I don’t pay for my kids to to do sports. Personally, I couldn’t…

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Why Great Leaders Don’t focus on “Leadership” (and what they do instead)

One of the challenges of being your own boss and building something incredible (be it an 8-figure global business, a solid family, or just the best local 5-a-side team) is that you need to step up and be a leader….

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Boyd Parker: 3 Keys to Great Sales

Nate Chai interviews CEO Boyd Parker on what makes a Salesperson Great.

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“LIMITLESS” Magazine interview -Boyd Parker

Tell us a little bit about yourself before starting in the business. I grew up in the UK on an island called “The Isle of Sheppey” which is a small community of 20,000 people living there. I have always been…

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A night of lessons with Arnold Schwarzenegger

Heres just a handful of inspirational tips I took from the ultimate action hero from the ‘Evening With…’ event. 1. “The things that you learn in sports are so important because I learned that you have to work your butt…

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I’m not the first entrepreneur to be told my idea wouldn’t work!

“I’m not the first entrepreneur to be told my idea wouldn’t work! I’m confident I won’t be the last either” — Boyd Parker.

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