‘Building a New Business? You Need to Network’ States Boyd Parker

Working with a plethora of aspiring entrepreneurs, Boyd Parker has dedicated significant effort to sharing the skills and attributes needed to launch a successful business.

Boyd Parker hosts Entrepreneur Seminar in London

Boyd Parker was asked to speak to a group of budding entrepreneurs on June 12th 2022 in London. The seminar will focus on networking skills, time management, goal setting and achievement, as well as the positives and negatives of working for oneself.

Boyd Parker:  Champions the power of the Mentoring Effect in Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurial supporter Boyd Parker believes that entrepreneurs who have a strong mentor or angel investor are at a considerable advantage when it comes to new business creations.  With a revenue injection or access to an extensive business contact list, a mentor can ease a difficult start in business by offering educated advice to streamline expenditureContinue reading “Boyd Parker:  Champions the power of the Mentoring Effect in Entrepreneurship”

Boyd Parker talks business growth at London Summit

Serial Entrepreneur, Boyd Parker, was invited to speak at an industry event in the capital this month. The summit was held at the Kimpton Fitzroy Hotel.  The award-winning entrepreneur was asked to share his wisdom on preparing for business expansion, the audience was packed full of the UK’s fastest developing business owners within the salesContinue reading “Boyd Parker talks business growth at London Summit”

Boyd Parker promotes Importance of Motivational Speaking

Following Boyd Parker’s speaking engagement at the London Summit two weeks ago and at the Leadership conference in Manchester last month, the serial entrepreneur speaks of the joys he gains from speaking at such prestigious industry events and promotes the impact motivational speeches can have on new entrepreneurs.

Why Great Leaders Don’t focus on “Leadership” (and what they do instead)

One of the challenges of being your own boss and building something incredible (be it an 8-figure global business, a solid family, or just the best local 5-a-side team) is that you need to step up and be a leader. The only problem with that is there’s no real measurement for what a “great leader”Continue reading “Why Great Leaders Don’t focus on “Leadership” (and what they do instead)”