“Start a Mission to become the very
best version of yourself”

Mentoring Entrepreneurs and developing new businesses, Specialising in developing outsourced sales consultants have been the focus of my professional experience. 11 years of experience of business to business and business-to-consumer sales, consulting for Talk Talk, ADT, MoneyExpert and PFS. Prior to entering this field, I spent 5 years involved in coaching & mentoring professional athletes & bodybuilders.

I have extensive experience in the training, mentoring and development of entry-level entrepreneurs up to senior CEOs.

I have experience in setting up and financing businesses from scratch, the ongoing support of those businesses and the people I developed to run them.

I have been all over the world developing business leaders within the Sales and Marketing industry. Training others and sharing valuable experiences, as well as developing best practices within the UK, USA, Canada, Africa, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Poland, South Africa, Italy, the Middle East, and 41 others.

I have a personal interest in investing. I love being involved in creating something from the start and helping it grow. Primarily this has been in developing people. Now I am moving into investing in businesses, land & property and my first passion, the sports & fitness industry.

My goal is to continue to travel the world with young entrepreneurs. I’m a proud father whose biggest reward is constantly learning leadership and coaching skills, which helps me to be the best possible example and provide the best lifestyle for my children and my business partners.

Campaign development.
Sales & Sales Management.
Personal Brand Development.
Training and development programs.
International Public Speaking.
Motivational techniques.
Business Leadership.
Business startups.
Business modelling.

What People Say

The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.There are hard workers, visionaries and brilliantly creative minds. Boyd combines all three of these powerful attributes. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Boyd in many different aspects of his career and it’s been amazing to watch him grow. Even with all of the past success I can say with 100% confidence that Boyd’s best business days are ahead of him and, I predict, coming soon. I can fully endorse that if you have the chance to hitch your wagon to this freight train that you do so.The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.

J Cobb

A creator, a visionary and an insanely polished work ethic are some of the words I can describe Boyd Parker with. I’ve had the honour of working closely with Boyd in an industry that solely relies on an unchallenged work ethic, an art form student mentality and a world class attitude. Seeing and learning from him while in London, helped me change my game in my business. I’m forever learning from Boyd, and seeing what he is creating and the momentum his business path is on, is so motivating to compete with. His first class standard and expectation for himself and for those in his compares is incomparable, which is major factor in the huge growth that Boyd and his company have had in recent years, and 2017 and beyond are going to be even more explosive. A pioneer who is a game changer who takes an idea and concept and takes it to another level that can only be admired.

G Walsh

Boyd and I have worked together on over 50 projects together in the past 8 years. He continues to impress our clients with his tenacious, forward thinking and tactical approach to the development of his marketing and sales campaigns. His strength has always lay in his instinctive habit to think big. His vision his clear and inclusive – if you work with Boyd Parker you know exactly where you are headed. He has always been passionate about developing his teams beyond ‘sales people’ and into true business partners that in turn; expand his company’s network and scalability. Boyd Parker is a fierce leader and a smart businessman who should not be overlooked for any project in the industry.

J Cote

The CEO Book Reviews – Boyd Parker

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