Why surrounding yourself with the best team will secure future success: Boyd Parker

Boyd Parker, serial entrepreneur, accredits his business success to partnering with a force of elite representatives. Boyd Parker urges other companies to follow his lead to building an awesome team.

Most entrepreneurs are familiar with the famous quote “teamwork makes the dream work”. Boyd Parker is confident there is substance behind the quote and urges fellow entrepreneurs to take the time to encourage teamwork in their organisations.  Being a business owner he understands the importance of developing a diverse workforce. 

For some leaders, creating a harmonious workplace can become a challenge so the successful entrepreneur offers their tips on how to develop an efficient team:

1. Hire great people – Choosing a team can be a minefield.  Businesses should choose wisely, looking for those who will bring creativity and passion for development to the table.  As a leader, it is good practice to understand personal weaknesses and source individuals who compliment these.

2. Trust the team – Avoiding micromanagement frees up a leader’s time and boosts morale. Leaders should check in periodically to ensure support is offered when required.

3. Nurture talent – Take inspiration from the Google 20 rule. The business giant offers workers to work on anything they feel will benefit the company long-term 20 percent of the time. Businesses should encourage entrepreneurial minds and address personal development goals where possible.

4. Value all ideas – Take the time to encourage brainstorming meetings, new clients and new campaigns, and allow for fresh, innovative ideas to be brought to the table.  Never blast an idea, encourage everyone to participate.

5. Lead by example – Workers follow the lead in setting their standard of work ethic and productivity.  So business leaders should demonstrate the impossible to make goal achieving possible.

6. Team Building exercises – By making teams more relaxed and comfortable around each other improves inter-company communications. Individual strengths take the spotlight and encourages stronger connections throughout departments, creating a solid working unit.

7. Create a diverse team – Strong teams aren’t made up of clones, they need to compliment weaknesses to be able to confidently tackle business obstacles.

8. Trust the CV – Address any errors and expect them to be part of their daily activity.  Errors on a CV are easily avoided and shouldn’t appear regardless of excuses.  Use this tool to garner an insight into an individual’s attention to detail.

9. Show appreciation – To boost morale and productivity, it is a leader’s responsibility to address and deliver credit, where it is due. Take the opportunity to celebrate successes that contribute to team success.

Boyd Parker is experienced in mentoring entrepreneurs and developing new businesses. Over the years he has specialised in developing outsourced sales consultants to become successful business owners. No stranger to a coaching role Mr. Parker spent five years coaching and mentoring professional athletes and bodybuilders before entering the sales and marketing industry.

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