Boyd Parker: Student Entrepreneurs will shape the future economy

Serial entrepreneur, Boyd Parker believes that entrepreneurship prepares students for long-term academic and work achievements. To help students achieve more, the business leader outlines why they believe students should become entrepreneurs as well.

Although students are under a lot of pressure and taking on another task seems impossible, Boyd Parker believes that becoming a student entrepreneur could actually ease some of this stress and help develop much needed skills. The business owner says that entrepreneurship can not only enhance student’s success academically but can strengthen confidence and instil qualities and skills that will be useful after graduation. Student entrepreneurs gain hands-on experience with their education, grow their personal networks and have no choice but to become more diligent with their study time. This drives the student’s focus and tends to mean they earn better results. For these reasons, Boyd Parker believes that University is the perfect place to pursue an idea.

Many Universities and organisations such as Cambridge University Entrepreneurs, Oxford University Entrepreneurs and the UCL Entrepreneurs Society have recognised the benefits of student entrepreneurs and have provided significant value to student’s personal lives while also strengthening regional and national economies. For instance, the Cambridge University Entrepreneurs has helped generate companies with approximately £100 million of investment.

Boyd Parker understands the importance of entrepreneurship to the economy and often mentors post-graduates in order to help them pursue entrepreneurship as a viable career choice. Boyd Parker runs a Business Development Program that is aimed at aspiring entrepreneurs. The program consists of training, workshops and experiences that aim to develop both entrepreneurial and personal skills including sales techniques, leadership skills, decision making, choosing the right people to work with, public speaking, financing and much more. This program is designed to grow candidates and progress them quickly through the company from sales rep to leadership, with the potential to start their own business. 

Boyd Parker openly promotes entrepreneurship and supports entrepreneurs because they understand the challenges entrepreneurs face when opening a business and appreciate just how important entrepreneurs are to the economy and local communities.

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