Boyd Parker Talks Three Ways to Build Resilience

Serial entrepreneur Boyd Parker understands that in the business world, resilience is a much-needed trait for someone to be able to achieve long term success.

It is commonly revealed that those who have found success, often have had an incredible reserve of resilience to preserve and build skills and business through all manner of setbacks and hardships all entrepreneurs have faced. 

One thing to understand is that resilience is not an inherited trait. Instead like many acquired traits, it is learned through one’s own environment; practiced and built up over time into a stronger form of its former self. Resilience is a choice to persevere when times are tough. It is the unwillingness to back down and to stick to meeting long term-goals or set of short term goals. 

Resilience is not a fixed personality trait. Mr Parker has coached entrepreneurs who have implemented strategies to ensure that their businesses build a number of qualities that can help them become the entrepreneurial heavyweights of the future. At the top of this list, resilience is the core concept that the business owner tries to develop among their mentees. 

As it happens, life happens as a series of ups and downs and a very human aspect is for people to see the things that have gone wrong rather than those that have gone right. In this case, resilience is key to being able to overcome such hardships. In the business world where failure can be frequent, resilience is a necessity for people to succeed. For these reasons, Boyd Parker sees it as paramount that entrepreneurs adopt a culture of positivity which encourages resilience. Through his dedicated mentorship schemes and early morning tutorials, the entrepreneur is able to instill in their mentees the motivation to find personal goals and ideas to achieve their own desires. 

Body Parker provides three examples of how resilience can be built:

1. Grit can be learned

Professor Angela Duckworth conducted extensive research on grit, as described as the passionate pursuit of a long-term goal. Her research revealed that resilience is a willingness to keep trying after others have given up. It is a question of stamina and can be built rather like training for a marathon.

2. Put off perfectionism

Perfectionism and resilience do not mix very well. Failing and making mistakes is the only way to improve and find greatness.

3. Focus on process – not always results 

A student mind-set is important as being hyper-focused enough to solve problems and continuing to improve solutions will enable a person to achieve their goals. The trick is to play the long game and see incremental improvements that can create a stunning difference in the long run. 

Boyd Parker holds resilience as something fundamental to his values and wishes the characteristic to be developed in all developing entrepreneurs he work with. In times of uncertainty, where this is political, social, economic, and technological circumstances, resilience is a much-needed attribute for those who strive for success in an increasingly more challenging and competitive business world. 


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