3 Tips from Boyd Parker to Improve Sales

Like it or not, sales skills are the most sought out skill in the world. Boyd Parker, serial entrepreneur reveals their top three tips on boosting sales skills.

Boyd Parker, a successful business owner and mentor, urges everyone to fine tune their sales skills. Regardless of role or industry a person’s ability to sell will dramatically boost their success rate. 

The business owner is committed to developing up, and coming entrepreneurs in the area and recently revealed their top three tips on how to improve sales skills:

Flexibility – Being able to adapt and figure out how you or a product suit an individual will add value and help the other party visualize the solution easily. This will increase the value to the connection and boost conversion rate. People will decide on personal flexibility within a matter of minutes, and it is vital to communicate well and listen to the customers’ needs figuring out how quickly the two parties can combine to make a solution.

Insightfulness – People buy people, yes a product is what is required, but the relationship between the account manager and client is precious. Add value through expertise and integrity, promise what is realistic to deliver and go above and beyond to make the customer feel appreciated.

Patience – Being patient is vital when someone solely focuses on the result it ‘s hard to build a positive connection with a potential client. By taking the right steps to hold a thorough consultation and caring for the customer, mutually sourcing a solution will create a stronger connection and increase the chance of future business even if currently there is no sale.

The business owner is confident those who can implement their approach will see vast improvements in all areas of their career. 

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