‘A business coach is vital for success’ argues Boyd Parker

Award-winning entrepreneur Boyd Parker considers a business coach to be vital to achieving success. The successful business owner urges all aspiring professionals to seek out a business coach to help them on their journey.

As an experienced business owner, Mr. Parker credits his coaches with playing an integral role in his success. He believes that coaches offer valuable insight, an outside perspective, and an unbiased view to provide potential solutions to overcome any obstacles. Mr. Parker also considers having a business coach to be a no-brainer, and the business owner has revealed the main advantages.


Mr. Parker believes that accountability is one of the most vital contributions of any business coach. The experienced entrepreneur argues that it is easy to give up when goals are private and not follow through. He contends that sharing goals with a business coach instils accountability, and motivation to keep going.


A business coach is there to listen to any problems and advise and guide someone through tough times. The mentorship aspect of a business coach is invaluable, argues Mr. Parker.


A business coach is there to bounce ideas off. One of the keys to business success is to keep moving forward and to get creative. Mr. Parker believes that a business coach helps cultivate new ideas and help to action those ideas to get results.


Mr. Parker believes that one of the main reasons for having a business coach is their vast experience. The entrepreneur has business coaches who are at the level he aspires to be. Therefore, they have valuable knowledge to help the business owner achieve the success he desires. A good business coach has quality experiences that can help their mentee navigate different situations and scenarios successfully.

Someone to lean on 

The road to success is full of ups and downs, and at some point, everyone will feel frustrations and might want to give up. A business coach can help someone to reignite their passion and remember the bigger picture to keep going.

Boyd Parker is experienced in mentoring entrepreneurs and developing new businesses. Over the years he has specialised in developing outsourced sales consultants to become successful business owners. No stranger to a coaching role Mr. Parker spent five years coaching & mentoring professional athletes & bodybuilders before entering the sales and marketing industry. 

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