Boyd Parker Investigates the connection between sports stars and entrepreneurs

The skills and qualities instilled in athletes are multi-purposeful and prove invaluable when applied to the sales industry. For this reason, Boyd Parker has a vested interest in mentoring professionals with a sports background.

The serial entrepreneur believes a clear correlation can be made between a demanding role in sports and a role in business leadership. There are a wealth of overlapping similarities in the business and sporting arenas and Mr. Parker spent five years coaching & mentoring professional athletes & bodybuilders before entering the sales and marketing industry he likes to keep an eye out for similarly sports-minded people. Conscious of the transferable skills sporting enthusiasts offer, Mr Parker is particularly interested in finding professionals who have experienced responding to adversity, working in a team and dealing with pressure.

As an entrepreneur, Boyd Parker is especially interested in driven, determined people with an ambitious, hard working and resilient work ethic and is always on the lookout for new mentee’s who meet this criteria. Mr Parker believes these qualities are invaluable and produce impressive results when applied to achieving goals on behalf of their client base.

“I am always interested in inviting those with a passion for sports or sales to join our team,” Mr Parker explained. “We believe people with this passion instilled in them can bring a valuable skill set with them to our office. Due to our ever-growing client demand for us to extend our market reach, we are constantly seeking the next wave of ambitious, talented individuals to help us build our business.”

Boyd Parker, pride himself on his ability to personalise coaching, developing skill sets and providing support to help entrepreneurs reach their full potential in business.

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