Why Great Leaders Don’t focus on “Leadership” (and what they do instead)

One of the challenges of being your own boss and building something incredible (be it an 8-figure global business, a solid family, or just the best local 5-a-side team) is that you need to step up and be a leader. The only problem with that is there’s no real measurement for what a “great leader”Continue reading “Why Great Leaders Don’t focus on “Leadership” (and what they do instead)”

“LIMITLESS” Magazine interview -Boyd Parker

Tell us a little bit about yourself before starting in the business. I grew up in the UK on an island called “The Isle of Sheppey” which is a small community of 20,000 people living there. I have always been interested in business and being an entrepreneur. My hobbies were all progression based such asContinue reading ““LIMITLESS” Magazine interview -Boyd Parker”