Boyd Parker shares his public speaking tips

Award-winning entrepreneur and business owner Boyd Parker has a vast portfolio of speaking engagements. The business owner took some time out recently to share his top public speaking tips.

Boyd Parker is a passionate business coach and mentor who relishes the chance to share his knowledge and experience. Mr Parker is regularly invited to speak at industry summits.

With a growing portfolio of speaking engagements, accomplished public speaker Boyd Parker has shared his top tips.


‘As with anything, the more you do something, the better you’ll become,’ commented Mr Parker. The entrepreneur is urging individuals to take advantage of every opportunity to practice public speaking. Mr Parker offers time to entrepreneurs the chance to hone their skills in a stress-free environment, offering constructive criticism.


‘Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.’ – John Wooden

Preparation is the best way to overcome anxiety. Mr Parker spends a lot of time going through his keynote speeches, so he knows word for word without having to check his notes. The entrepreneur argues that with preparation, it allows people to become comfortable with the material and confident about their ability to deliver it effectively.

Know the audience

Mr Parker believes that people need to tailor their message and delivery depending on the audience. The award-winning entrepreneur urges people to learn about the audience to help determine the choice of words, level of information etc.

Ask for feedback

The only way to get better at something is to get feedback. ‘I regularly approach my coaches for feedback. They can see things that I can’t and so their feedback is invaluable,’ stated the business owner.

Be yourself

Mr Parker believes that when it comes to public speaking, people need to let their personality shine through. ‘Don’t become a robot, be yourself, that is how you connect with and engage an audience,” commented the business owner.

Close with something memorable

‘Some speeches are very forgettable,’ argues Mr Parker. The entrepreneur explains that to be a top public speaker; people need to close with something memorable. Mr Parker urges people to use a startling statistic, an amusing anecdote, or short quotation.

Public speaking is one of the critical skills that Boyd Parker supports his mentees with. Mr Parker contends that learning to motivate and inspire people through public speaking is crucial. The award-winning entrepreneur is urging aspiring professionals to implement his top tips to improve their public speaking skills.


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