Boyd Parker: Marketing Analytics vs. A Creative Gut

Boyd Parker’s research enabled them to compile data from marketing analytics vs. creative marketing campaigns.

As business becomes more and more competitive, many companies are torn between a creative campaign, or a data driven approach.

Boyd Parker advises when working in a creative team, it can be astounding the breadth and diversity of the ideas that get thrown around the board room. These ideas can often be a little farfetched and some can blow the marketing budget. The trick when letting the imagination run wild is to come up with an idea that can be implemented in a practical way.

Boyd Parker says, “When working with clients they sometimes have their own ideas of how they would like a campaign to roll out. It can require a lot of diplomacy to make sure we keep them happy and have a campaign that we know customers will be excited to participate in.”

Analytics relies on algorithms to find patterns or to predict the outcome of a marketing campaign. Algorithms will combine huge amounts of data from search keywords, previous purchases, survey and panel data. Boyd Parker reveals consumers can tell this is happening when the advertising seen when using search engines seems to be specific to the individuals interests.  It will change based on which most recent searches have been conducted.

“My personal opinion is that this approach is too impersonal”, says Boyd Parker. “It’s almost as if these programs have the ability to go into your house, look at what colour your carpet is, and then suggest some matching curtains.

I’m not saying that any of this is wrong or illegal but I think it is important that customers chose something because they actually want or have a need for it, rather than targeted advertising”

Boyd Parker constantly looks at marketing trends to stay competitive in the outsourced sales and marketing industry in the UK. Part of Mr Parker’s growth model is to be able to provide entrepreneurs the skills needed to deliver their clients’ needs but with the personal touch that can often be lacking in a data driven marketing campaign.

“I was taught a very long time ago in my career in sales, that the worst thing you can do is treat somebody like a number. I have tried to stick to that principle during my time in business” says Boyd Parker.

Boyd Parker states both analytics and creativity are required to develop a successful marketing strategy, the measures of each component will depend on the individual campaign.  By using information collected from previous successful marketing campaigns and applying a new creative twist, Boyd Parker believes businesses can create a successful strategy.


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