Boyd Parker:  Champions the power of the Mentoring Effect in Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurial supporter Boyd Parker believes that entrepreneurs who have a strong mentor or angel investor are at a considerable advantage when it comes to new business creations.  With a revenue injection or access to an extensive business contact list, a mentor can ease a difficult start in business by offering educated advice to streamline expenditure and processes.

Boyd Parker urges all new business owners to source at least one mentor as they list the advantages below:

Ease of Acclimation – An advantage of mentoring is that it helps to acclimate a new worker to the job and organisation. By having a “go to” person to ask questions, discuss scenarios and generally learn the nuances of the company, the mentee can become a productive member quicker and never feel that they have nowhere to turn for help.

Sense of Achievement – The mentee can gain the sense of achievement that comes from the mentor’s feedback and assessment of their progress. The mentee’s quest to gain the mentor’s approval can serve as a motivating force to continue to improve their performance. The mentor can gain satisfaction from knowing that they are helping an individual and can take a measure of pride in their accomplishments.

Overcoming Failure – A mentee can benefit from the confidence boost that a mentor can offer. Things will never go 100% smoothly and entrepreneurs need to be mentally ready to tackle obstacles and difficulties. A mentor can offer a boost when morale or ideas are running low.

Boyd Parker is an experienced business owner specialising in marketing and sales. He has a fantastic reputation within his industry for supporting developing entrepreneurs in their strive for professional development.  Boyd Parker offers free mentoring services to new entrepreneurs who are looking to find their way in a new business start-up.  Mr Parker frequently hosts workshops that focus on skills and knowledge needed for the first year of running a business.

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