Boyd Parker talks ‘being a great promoter’ at Industry Leadership Conference 

Serial Entrepreneur, Boyd Parker, was invited to speak at an industry event. The meeting was held at the Etihad, home to current premier league champions, Manchester City. The award-winning entrepreneur was asked to share his wisdom on being a great promoter, the audience for the event was the most aspiring sales and marketing professionals in the UK.

Boyd Parker is regularly invited to speak at industry events, and the business owner was delighted to accept the invitation to talk about one of his favourite subjects, being a great promoter.

“Pre-pandemic, my calendar was packed with personal appearances across the UK, virtual conferences have been great during the lockdown, it felt great to be back in-front of a live audience again. Leadership is one of the core fundamentals of being a successful entrepreneur, the pandemic offered an opportunity to take stock and re align both personal and professional goals.  Coaching upcoming entrepreneurs has always been my passion and I am looking forward to my next speaking engagement ” Commented Mr. Parker.

The industry conference saw up and coming entrepreneurs from across the country travel to Manchester for the event. The meeting was held at the Etihad, home to current premier league champions, Manchester City. Lunch was served in the Chairmans Suite after the stadium tour.

Boyd Parker Back to in-person speaking engagements

Attendees at the event were divided into two groups, with a bespoke session planned for each. The first session was designed for individuals that have recently assumed a leadership role. The fresh faced leaders heard from an experienced group of industry experts who covered several topics, including; attracting and retaining top talent, effective training methods, how to help people reach their potential, and closed with a question and answer session. 

Mr Parker was invited to speak to the first group, which contained individuals with entry level experience in a leadership role. Mr. Parker was asked to talk about being a great promoter. With experience in leadership over two decades, Mr. Parker shared knowledge and experience with the objective to help the captive audience develop their leadership attributes and progress their careers. The group also heard from five other guest speakers. The speakers covered topics including; effectively managing a team, setting targets and driving performance, being a great example, and driving sales. The session also closed with a question and answer session.  

“One of the things I love most about being a business owner and entrepreneur is sharing my knowledge and experience with aspiring professionals. I look forward to adding more speaking engagements to my calendar in 2022.” Commented Mr. Parker.

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