Cultivate a positive attitude following Boyd Parker’s how-to guide

Serial entrepreneur Boyd Parker believes that one of the keys to entrepreneurial success is to create a positive atmosphere and invest in the people you work with. Mr Parker firmly believes that a positive attitude is a vital weapon on the entrepreneurial journey to success and they promote the idea that a positive mind attracts positive results.

As an experienced entrepreneur, Boyd Parker frequently scouts for the next wave of ambitious and talented individuals looking to take their business forward. Boyd Parker has many years of experience in the marketing and sales industry, coaching and developing budding entrepreneurs into successful businessmen and women. It is his experience which has led to him to pledge to coach developing entrepreneurs in his local area.

Here Boyd Parker shares his how-to guide to cultivating a positive attitude.

1. You Determine Your Reality

Boyd Parker argues that it is important for people to realise that they are the ones who determine their reality by the way they react to situations. The successful entrepreneur believes that people need to understand that when something happens they can choose to either view it as a positive or negative experience and react accordingly.

2. Surround yourself with positive people

Boyd Parker refers to a quote by Kellie Pickler; “Surround yourself with positive people and you’ll be a positive person.” He states that being in a positive environment will naturally encourage positivity and simultaneously being surrounded by negative people will encourage negativity.

3. Look on the bright side

Boyd Parker promotes the importance of a “glass half full” mentality.  Mr Parker claims that positive people always find the good in any situation and by looking on the brightside it can help to achieve the desired outcome: a positive attitude. It requires brain training to master the art of positive thinking – with plenty of practice and patience the pay-offs can be massive.

4. Exercise

“Once a positive attitude has been achieved, the hard work doesn’t stop, time and energy is required to maintain it,” said Boyd Parker. The entrepreneur and business owner promotes exercise as a great way to maintain a positive attitude because of all the endorphins that are released into the bloodstream.

5. Recharge Your Batteries

Boyd Parker argues that maintaining a positive attitude requires taking time to recharge your batteries. The firm recognises that for busy entrepreneurs, commonly working 52 hours per week, finding the time to recharge the batteries is imperative. This might mean taking a few hours on the weekend to read a positive book or simply switching off technology to disconnect from the outside world.

Boyd Parker strongly believes that a positive attitude attracts positive outcomes and for that reason they have fostered a working environment which is fun, friendly, nurturing and encourages a positive attitude and mindset.


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