‘Rejection is character building’ proclaims Boyd Parker

As an experienced CEO in the direct sales industry, Boyd Parker has dealt with more rejection than your average entrepreneur. Mr. Parker has over 11 years of experience of business to business and business to consumer sales, where rejection is a daily occurrence, and the award-winning entrepreneur believes that rejection is character building.  

“In the world of sales, rejection is inevitable. Learning how to deal with rejections and over-turn them differentiates the successful from the unsuccessful.” Stated Mr. Parker. The business owner has extensive experience in the training, mentoring and development of aspiring professionals and entrepreneurs, helping to advise and guide them into senior positions. One of the first things the business coach addresses is dealing with rejection. Mr. Parker argues that rejection is character building and he has explained the reasoning. 

Mental toughness

“Rejection can be tough to take, however learning to overcome rejection instils an inner strength and mental toughness that will be imperative when navigating the journey to business success.” Commented Mr. Parker. The experienced business coach firmly believes that the adversity of dealing with rejection lights a fire in people giving them something to fight for and overcome. Mr. Parker believes that rejection teaches people how resilient, resourceful, and capable they can be, thereby developing mental toughness.  


“Patience is vital in any pursuit, whether it be personal or business. For entrepreneurs, the road to success is full of ups and downs, and for most, there is no overnight success. Therefore, learning to be patient is imperative.” Commented Mr. Parker. 

The award-winning entrepreneur recognises that some rejections can be overwhelming, however, they can help aspiring entrepreneurs to develop patience and to keep going. 

Motivation to do better

Rejection is frustrating; however, it can also be an incredible motivator to do better. For entrepreneurs, motivation to do better is vital. Mr. Parker contends that the motivation that comes from rejection can be the driving force of success.

The opportunity to learn

The key to succeeding in business is capitalising on every opportunity to learn. After a rejection, it is a good time to reflect on the reasons for the rejection and evaluate what could have been done better, to achieve a positive outcome next time. While there might not always be an apparent reason, reflecting on matters always provides an opportunity to learn.  

Mr. Parker has conducted business all over the world developing business leaders within the Sales and Marketing industry. Sharing information and valuable experiences, as well as developing best practices within the UK, USA, Canada, Africa, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Poland, South Africa, Italy, the Middle East, and 41 others. His goal is to continue to travel the world and inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs.

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