Boyd Parker shares his 5 step guide to staying positive at work

Boyd Parker is a firm believer that positivity plays an integral role in success. The Maidstone-based entrepreneur achieves success in meeting clients’ customer acquisition goals by creating a culture of opportunity within a team orientated, positive and nurturing working environment. In the midst of a global pandemic, the entrepreneur has consciously focused on positivity as they recognise the correlation between a positive workforce and productivity.  

Serial entrepreneur Boyd Parker contends that thinking positively at work has many mental and physical benefits. Mr Parker believes that having a positive mindset improves mood, elevates confidence and increases effectiveness in the workplace. 

Boyd Parker has shared his 5 step guide to staying positive at work.

Celebrate small successes

One of the quickest and easiest ways to develop positive thinking is by celebrating the small successes. Mr Parker, encourages his workforce to celebrate the small victories that each day brings, which then leads to boosted optimism and motivation levels.  

Use positive language

‘Language has a big impact on mindset’ states Mr Parker. The business owner argues that a simple way to improve positivity is to use positive language in workplace conversations. Using words with good connotations can help to create a positive environment and can impact others. 

Have a network of positive people

There’s a well-known saying; you become who you surround yourself with. Mr Parker concludes that for people to stay positive at work, it is critical that they make an effort to be around positive people. Mr Parker argues that spending time with positive people can help someone to think better about themselves and their environment. 

“As with negativity, positivity is infectious. Surrounding yourself with positive influences gives you the best opportunity to maintain a positive attitude.” Stated Mr Parker.

Take time to cultivate positive thoughts

Boyd Parker urges his workforce to take time to cultivate positive thoughts during experiences they don’t usually enjoy. For example, during a commute is the perfect time to focus on cultivating positive thoughts. The business owner urges individuals to use their commuting time to prepare for the upcoming workday, by reviewing notes, writing out a plan for the day, or listening to a positive podcast.  

Turn every situation into a learning opportunity

When mentoring Boyd Parker focuses on education, believing that knowledge is power and that learning is integral to development. The Maidstone-based business owner believes that once a project is complete, it’s important to take time to analyse what went well, any challenges faced and how to improve on it next time.

Boyd Parker is urging businesses across the country to place a spotlight on positivity, in an effort to combat falling happiness levels as a result of COVID-19.


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