Boyd Parker: The Connection Between Success and Discipline

Boyd Parker discusses how discipline enables people to have more control over their futures and therefore, are more likely to achieve their goals.

In today’s society, people are increasingly concerned about feeling good and seeking immediate pleasures. Next-day deliveries and immediate responses from companies via ‘live chats’ mean that people are often prized with instant gratification, resulting in it becoming more and more difficult to be disciplined. Long-term goals are becoming less important, because people think in the immediate and short-term rather than the long.

A disciplined individual will be in control of their future and together with building self-confidence, mental and physical strength, discipline can inspire an individual to grow and develop as a person. Anyone can be disciplined, but ALL successful people are disciplined.

Boyd Parker mentors individuals to help them achieve their dreams through becoming disciplined. Here the serial entrepreneur outlines some examples of ways individuals can develop discipline through daily actions.

Set Big Goals – Though setting a huge goal which pushes a person to become either emotionally or financially invested increases the chances of success.

Set Clear Objective Goals – goals must be clear so that specific steps can be taken to move towards achieving the goal.

Plan A Routine – it is important to create a routine that becomes second nature and automatic so that time can be invested into prepping for success.

Find Pleasure In The Hard Work – when a person learns more about their craft and capabilities; they will start to see improvements; self-improvement will just create even more momentum for moving forward.

As an expert in developing up and coming talent, Boyd Parker stands strong on his view point surrounding discipline. Discipline is an attribute that Mr Parker encourages entrepreneurs to develop as he strongly believes it will help them be more successful in the long-term.


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