Boyd Parker talks ‘goal setting’ during virtual workshop

‘Goals are dreams with deadlines. To turn your dream into a reality, you must set goals,’declared the business owner as he opened a company-wide virtual workshop this past week in Kent.

Award-winning business owner and serial entrepreneur, Boyd Parker considers goal setting to be integral to success. The business owner held a virtual workshop this week, explaining the importance of goal setting, to encourage the firm’s workforce to set objectives to progress their career in the competitive market of direct sales.

In a follow-up session to the recent workshop, the Mr Parker explained the reason for running the workshop, focused on goal setting, declaring above all else that objectives provide focus. ‘Life and in particular, a career, without focus is just pointless. By setting yourself an objective, it provides you with potential, drive and helps to fuel your effort – that’s something I encourage in all aspects of my life.’

Mr. Parker continued to explain that goal setting is the perfect way for individuals to measure their progress and development – a crucial value held at the firm. ‘When someone at our company sets themselves a goal, we encourage them to set a fixed endpoint, with benchmarks along the way – it helps to keep them on track and gives them tangible results.’

‘Above all, goal setting drives motivation. Goal setting provides all our contractors with the foundation for their drive; it gives them something to focus on and put all their efforts into. Within all my businesses, we believe that goals are a tool, used to focus energy in a positive direction. We encourage it,’ concluded the business owner.

Boyd Parker keen to instil the ethos amongst his workforce that ‘successful people set goals, and unsuccessful people have dreams.’ As an organization that prides themselves on creating the future leaders of the sales and marketing industry, the firm is continually looking to expand its foundation of budding entrepreneurs.

Any aspiring professionals looking to gain exposure to the sales and marketing sector can reach Boyd Parker through email via his website.


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