“LIMITLESS” Magazine interview -Boyd Parker

Tell us a little bit about yourself before starting in the business.

I grew up in the UK on an island called “The Isle of Sheppey” which is a small community of 20,000 people living there. I have always been interested in business and being an entrepreneur. My hobbies were all progression based such as martial arts and bodybuilding. I had tried to turn my passions into income but unfortunately I had run myself into some financial debt, lost my business, my house and my savings while trying to build that. I was forced to return to my parent’s home at the age of 28 with a debt of £47,000. I was 29 years old when I started in this industry.

I had realised that the passion I had for my hobbies was in fact the passion for the progression it allowed me. This was my motivation. Trying to turn my hobbies into a career was fun to start with but the lack of progression in this particular industry really hit home fast and it took the excitement out of my work.

What first interested you in the business?

What I like about this business has changed over time. At first, I loved the freedom and fun the entry-level gave me. I found working with the team was motivating every day and I was excited about being paid on my performance. I was excited each day and week to learn and earn more. As soon as I began to teach others, this was where I found my passion.

I had never seen anyone care about my career as much as my Owner and mentors. Their vision for their careers and business was so inspiring that I wanted to be part of what was being created around me.

What is the most successful element of your business development?

I’m confident my quick progression resulted from having unbelievable examples around me. At the time, I was inspired every day by Justin Cobb’s vision for where his organisation was going. I had great leaders in the office to show me the eight habits and I was shown how to ring the bell every day.

Crew management was another key to my fast progression – creating an identity that people wanted to be a part of and proud of. I called my team Heroes and we set a new standard to how we wanted to work. We created a team who were both proud of and motivated by each other.

How do you motivate your team?

Everybody needs motivation to come from within, whether a personal vision and/or a dream. I would help people to see and believe in their personal step seven. Spending time with people outside the business and creating real relationships with people, creates trust. There’s a big difference when a team trusts each other and your know their personal goals. I learned quickly from Justin Cobb’s example that you must dream big, talk big, and especially act big if your goal is to one day become big.

How do you separate yourself from the crowd?

I followed the fact that every one admires the bold. It’s better to enter with boldness and promote your dreams and crew, as any mistakes committed through audacity are easily corrected with more audacity. People admire and follow the bold and no one honours the timid. I created a crew (Hero Org) and promoted that we would be the greatest through work ethic and student mentality, as we can always learn what others do and we can always work harder. Nothing is more controllable than your own work ethic and in the end it’s the results that separate you from the rest.

What have you learned that helped attain your promotion to Regional Consultant?

I learned many lessons on this journey and one of the most important of them is that it is a journey, so learn to love all the little actions and the results will take care of themselves. Invest your time in your personal development as you can always learn and do more.

I learned in my career and personal life that nothing can affect the outcome of any result outside of my skill, work ethic, and attitude. Once you learn that these three things, which only you can control are the keys to success in all you do, you will WIN.

I went back to the field in 2016 to launch the MoneyExpert campaign. I committed to doing it right and showing my team the very best version of myself both in sales and recruitment. This had a positive knock on effect on my team. At any level in our business, if you truly lead from the front you can influence so many people positively and make the biggest difference to your business and organisation.

What are you most proud of in your business?

I get to be a great father because the business taught me how to communicate and lead people, it taught me how to live the great eight habits. After my first opportunity meeting and learning about the Cartier watch being presented on promotion to Regional Consultant, I threw my watch out the car window on the way home and vowed that I would never put a watch on, until I was given my own Cartier.

So when Justin handed me my Cartier at the UK Awards Gala, it was a huge milestone in my life and it marked the completion of eight years of discipline. I promised my partner, Sarah, who has been by my side helping me throughout this entire journey, that we would get engaged the same night that I get promoted, hence, two of the most amazing events in my life were fulfilled in one night.

What is your personal mission statement?

My mission is that one day 100 people can say that because of Boyd Parker they won! I’d like to help make the same impact my mentors made on my life to so many people. The mission has to be to become the greatest version of yourself possible. Success, freedom, and money are a happy accident from helping enough people hit their personal goal.

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